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Here's a short introduction: we are an organization with heart and soul for internationals living in Tilburg. In 2018 we opened our doors as response to Tilburg’s rapid internationalization. Ever since, we are fully committed to improve the living conditions of international residents by reducing the language barrier, the large distance to the job market and the prevailing loneliness among this group, while simultaneously increasing knowledge (sharing reliable information) and well-being.

Our ultimate goal is for international residents to feel at home. Would you like to learn more or would you like to make a positive impact together? Please do reach out! Want to know more? Read further below.



Help & advice

free advice & information | EVERY QUESTION ANSWERED | Free mental support

Are you new to the Netherlands or the city of Tilburg? Then we can imagine that you have a lot of questions about how certain things work in this country and this city. It's our mission to provide free help and advice about settling in, we believe that basic information should be accessible to all. Of course, we are not an expert in every field. If necesssary we will refer you to the right organization that can help you further.


Our tip  take a look at our FAQ page. Is your question not listed? Book an appointment below. This service is 100% free of charge.

Are you looking to talk to a professional about your mental health? We got you covered! We have a 'Well-being Force' of professionals and interns ready to provide you a sympathetic ear and/or professional counseling. You will meet one-on-one privately. One benefit? Tea will be provided for free!

We Are here to help


Part-time jobs &
Dutch courses

Looking for a side job or a Dutch course?

We provide part-time jobs for non-Dutch speaking internationals who are in need of some extra income during their stay in the Netherlands. With this, we take our role very seriously, not only do we want to help with job facilitation, but we also want to be your spokesperson. If you run into things on the jobsite, you can always contact us and we will look for a solution.

Want to learn the Dutch language in a fun, social setting? We organize affordable Dutch courses that have been rated with a 9,1 based on over 200 reviews. We provide personal guidance, free one-on-one recap sessions, a comprehensive program and a wonderful team. Often, participants end up becoming friends for the whole of their stay in the Netherlands. 

If you want to invest in yourself, be sure to connect!

Invest in yourself


Café & Events

Trips | Comedy nights | International Cinema | Dinners | Drinks

Explore the city with us

Let's meet up! 

Through our own experiences, we learned the importance of connecting to the city one lives in, especially when you live abroad. Tilburg is often referred to as a 'love on second sight'. We'd love to show you the hidden gems of the city and its blunt but friendly people.


We often organize fun events, such as our weekly dinners, spontaneous get-togethers, amazing English stand-up comedy nights, expat cinema screenings with English subtitles, game nights, museum trips, and drinks all over town. No need to be alone, and more than enough chances to sparkle new connections.

So don't be shy and come meet us!

Do you have your own cool idea for an event? Reach out below.

P.S. we have a great café in the middle of the city centre. Be sure to drop in if you are around!

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