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Dutch courses

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We are accepting registrations for our courses as of today! Our new Dutch courses will start in the beginning of February. Read more below.

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Our language courses

We organize three different language courses. Two starter courses and one intermediate course. All our courses cost €10 per hour. The money compensates expenses made by tutors and the rest will be invested in our non-profit social enterprise! So, by learning Dutch, you will support other internationals as well! Read more below.

Courses typically last for 20 weeks, with one class of 2 hours per week. In addition, International Center organizes language lounges to practice Dutch in an informal fun context, such as Dutch movie and boardgame nights. On top, International Center organizes a kick-off gathering, half-way celebration and graduation ceremony!

Our first language course graduates

Thijs Pieters, the Dutch Survival Linguist

Dutch Survival Course

Level A1 & A2, €400 including course materials, Tuesdays

Our Dutch Survival course is all about learning Dutch in a practical way. The teacher, Thijs, has a great passion for languages and has experience in teaching internationals the Dutch language in an informal setting. 

This course is for those who already have a busy life and want to casually learn Dutch while simultaneously having fun! Expect homework exercises such as going to a market, approaching strangers to discuss random topics, or playing with dices!

Thijs created his own course materials for this course and participating includes access to an app to learn words, access to all course materials and a lot of support by Thijs!

Traditional Dutch Course

Level A1 & A2, €400 excluding course materials, Wednesdays

Our  Traditional Dutch course is about learning the Dutch language in a more serious and structured setting. The teacher has years of experience in teaching Dutch as a second language to internationals. 

This course is for those who are serious about learning Dutch and who do not back down for homework. The teacher uses a flipped classroom approach and expects 3-5 hours of self study per week!

The teacher will use a method of Coutinho, a well-known method for learning Dutch as a second language. However, we provide a place where you can learn the language in a casual setting and combine it with fun activities!

Intermediate Dutch Language Course

Level B1 & B2, €400, A2 required,
Tuesdays and Wednesdays

This course has been set up for those who already have basic knowledge of the Dutch language, but prefer to focus more on using their knowledge and speaking Dutch.  

Also, basic knowledge (level A1/A2) is required so that the group can properly learn together.

Application Language Course
What is your current Dutch language level?