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Hello there,

Nice to meet you! 

Here's a short introduction: we are a non-profit organization with heart and soul for the international community. In 2018 we opened our doors as response to Tilburg’s rapid internationalization. Ever since, we are fully committed to improve the living conditions of international residents by reducing the language barrier, the large distance to the job market and the prevailing loneliness among this group, while simultaneously increasing knowledge (sharing reliable information) and well-being. Want to know more? Read more at the bottom of this page!

Our ultimate goal is for international residents to feel at home and that they feel they belong in the Netherlands. Would you like to learn more or would you like to make a positive impact together? Please do reach out!


Let´s meet-up!

We have an international café in the city centre and we often organise leisure events throughout town such as dinners, cinema visits, comedy nights and spontaneous get-togethers. 


Making friends in a new city can be scary, so we make it as easy-going as possible. We guarantee that you will meet new people who are open to getting to know you too. You won't feel alone and who knows, you might even bring home a whole bunch of new friends!

Check out our event program to see which event you want to visit and join the club! We look forward to getting to know you and hearing about your suitcase full of stories about your country of origin and experiences of your stay in the Netherlands (and much more).


Want to know more about our foundation?

Our organization is a non-profit foundation. This means that our board and volunteers are commited to serving our mission to improve the living conditions of internationals in the Netherlands and all revenue generated must be invested in the organization's mission and goals.

Our mission, as registered with the chamber of commerce, is to positively contribute to a pleasant living environment for international inhabitants of the Netherlands. We aim to do this by working on the following goals:

  • improving the well-being and empowerment of the country's international residents;

  • facilitating low-threshold meeting places;

  • developing and supporting projects related to internationalization;

  • facilitating activities aimed at inclusion and social cohesion;

  • making culture and cultural acitivities accessible;

  • and mediating between municipalities, agencies, organizations, companies and international residents.

We are often asked how our revenue system works. We want to be transparant in this. The foundation generates a small amount of revenue by itself, mainly via donations and ticket revenue of events. All revenue of ticket sales is invested in organizing the events (covering costs of locations, comedians, equipment, photographers, etc.). 

As you can imagine, the revenue generated by the foundation is not enough to cover all costs of our organization. Therefore, we started organizing Dutch courses and recruitment services. These services are part of International Center Netherlands, a social enterprise with the same non-profit ideals, which invests in our foundation.

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