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Our cultural café

Our café in the city centre serves as an excellent spot to connect. We connect people, business, entrepreneurs, institutions and organizations. 


We have the unique concept in which we provide upcoming social entrepreneurs the opportunity to try out their aspirations while being the host of our concept! Impact is better achieved together, right?

Since September 2020, Cultural Café 'Oostwest' (Inge van Rijswijk) is set up in International Center. Inge provides refugees the opportunity to develop themselves professionaly while providing guests coffees from all over the world. 


About us

Bridging internationals to Tilburg and Tilburg to the world. We bring together people, organizations and culture to achieve social integration on a deeper level.

How? By organizing events, Dutch courses, part-time jobs, providing support, information and starting collaborations wherin true social impact becomes possible.

rent our venue

Do you want to organize your own events at our venue? You can! Our location can be used for private drinks, presentations, events and more. Want to know more? Reach out!

IJzerstraat 21, 5038BN Tilburg

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