Our part-time jobs project

We started our part-time jobs project to provide internationals a stable income while studying or staying here. As such, this project aims to improve internationals' independency and to give the opportunity to be more self-sustaining

About this project

We started this project because we noticed it can be hard for internationals to find a part-time job in Tilburg. 

Moreover, we often met internationals who were looking for a part-time job to earn some extra income so that they would be less reliant on their families in their home countries and so that they could participate more in society and/or receive governmental benefits.

What do we do

In this project we help the internationals who work through us by connecting them with the companies and assist both the internationals and the companies with all practicalities and regulations.

For example, informing about tax regulations, applying for healthcare insurances, subsidies, work permits and governmental benefits.

What jobs we provide

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As of now our partners provide part-time jobs in logistics (picking and packing). Not a fancy job, but this is an easy-learned job with the possibility to work as much or little as you want. Also, they work with bonusses for night shifts and weekend shift. You can earn up to €22 per hour gross income on a Sunday.

We are looking for other partners to provide different jobs as well.

Want to become a partner or just contact us?

If you want to start a part-time job through us:

Email: jobs@ictilburg.com

Phone:  +31640822408

If you want to partner with us contact us:

Email: info@ictilburg.com

Phone:  +31640822408

Or just drop by our office

Our beloved partners for this project

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