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Looking for a side job?

We are an intermediate in providing part-time jobs for non-Dutch speaking internationals. We take our role very seriously, not only do we want to help with job facilitation, but we also want to be your spokesperson. If you run into things on the jobsite, you can always contact us and we will look for a solution together with your employer. We collaborate with trusted partners who will treat internationals right, so reach out if anything happens.

The jobs currently available, are simple jobs aimed at providing students a job with which they can pay some of their expenses without the need of speaking Dutch. You can expect jobs such as cleaning, logistics, and so on.

Currently, we are also setting up a program to facilitate full-time jobs to graduates, young professionals and expats. Reach out if we can mean anything to you!

If you are a company looking to hire internationals, let us know! Due to our connections with Tilburg University, we can connect you to 'high potentials' and are always looking for extra partners. 


Make an informed start!

Our first advice: know what you are getting into and first read carefully about the regulations regarding working in the Netherlands. Many internationals receive fines when they start working because they are not informed of the implications when they start working.


For example, a residence permit is not the same as a work permit. And did you know that a 'Basiszorgverzekering' which is a public healthcare insurance, is mandatory if you start working in the Netherlands? This insurance is not the same as a Euopean healthcard or a student-specific insurance.


If you are a European student, different rules apply to you regarding a work permit than if you have a non-EU nationality. European students can work an unlimited amount of hours. Unfortunately, non-EU students can only work 16 hours a week all year round or full-time in the summer. An employer needs to apply for a student work permit, and it will only be valid for one year (or summer) for the specific position it is applied for.

As European student you may also be entitled to Student Finance from DUO. Student finance for higher education consists out of 4 components: a regular loan, student travel product, a supplementary grant and a tuition fee loan. If you want to apply for a supplementary grant, you have to work 56 hours per month. More information about the application can be found here.


Do you have questions regarding this topic? Take a look at our FAQ, it covers most important topics!

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