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part-time jobs


We provide part-time jobs for international students who are in need of some extra income during their stay in the Netherlands.

The jobs we provide are picking and packing in logistics. Our partners ensure that students can combine these jobs very well with their studies and flexibility is ensured to fit the jobs in their schedule.

Currently, we have different workplaces, each with there own perks. Are you interested? We work with a pool in which we will contact the longest waiting person as soon as a position becomes available and look where you fit best.

P.S. did you know that if you are an EU student, you can easily receive a supplementary grant of up to €400,- per month when working?

Flexible | mostly Logistics | €11,- per hour | perfect for students


IC Tilburg services

Others recommend coming to us when looking for a job!

All information | Student finance | healthcare insurance | avoiding fines


Flexible jobs

Part-time jobs should be flexible to combine it with your life style 

flexible working hours | temporarily stop during exams or during holidays


stable jobs

We have many different jobs, also jobs to reach 56 hours per month easily

Stable income | standard working hours | duo student finance | benefits