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Part-time jobs


We provide part-time jobs to international students who are in need of some extra income during their stay in the Netherlands.

The jobs we provide are picking and packing in logistics. Our partner, E&A, ensures that students can combine these jobs very well with their studies.

Are you interested? We work with a pool in which we will contact the longest waiting person as soon as a position becomes available.

  • Perfect for students

    Although the location is quite far away, this job is perfect to combine with my studies

  • Good weekly salary

    Aside from the flexibility, I am very happy with my salary. By working twice a week I can pay my monthly rent easily!

  • Great support

    I am very grateful to International Center to help me find this job and make sure I am insured properly.

  • Very flexible work!

    What I value greatly, is the fact that I can rearrange my working schedule according to the needs of my study program.

About the job

You will work for E&A in the picking or packing department at XPO Logistics

Working hours are flexible, you can change your schedule weekly and take a break from working to focus on your studies or visit family

Letostraat 29, Tilburg

€11,- per hour when 22+

150% on Saturdays and 200% on Sundays


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