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Part-time jobs


We provide part-time jobs to international students who are in need of some extra income during their stay in the Netherlands.

The jobs we provide are picking and packing in logistics. Our partner, E&A, ensures that students can combine these jobs very well with their studies and flexibility is ensured to fit the jobs in your schedule.

Currently, we have two different jobs: 'Clothing' and 'Frozen'. Are you interested? We work with a pool in which we will contact the longest waiting person as soon as a position becomes available.

XPO FRozen

You will work for E&A in the picking department at XPO Frozen in minus 24 degrees celcius. Are you the dedicated Frozen Hero they are looking for?

You will get standard working days per week, ideal for students who wish to apply for DUO. From week 20-35 and during holidays, it is expected you are able to work more.

Tilburg Zuid - 15 minutes from the city centre by bike

Marga Klompéweg 10 | 5032 MP Tilburg

€11,13 per hour when 18+ | Paid breaks every 2 hours

150% on Saturdays and 200% during the Holidays

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XPO Clothing

You will work for E&A in the picking or packing department at XPO Clothing processing online orders and returns.

Flexible working hours: change your schedule weekly and take a break from working to focus on your studies or visit family. Less stable schedule compared to Frozen.

Tilburg West - 30 minutes from the city centre by bike

Letostraat 29 | 5047 RP Tilburg

€10,- per hour when 22+

150% on Saturdays and 200% on Sundays