Help and advice

Have you ever felt that you are missing a support system in the Netherlands? 

When moving here you may face many difficulties. However, you are also entitled to a lot of benefits, such as subsidies, proper insurances and tax refunds.

To help you, we provide Support Packages and individual services. Need advice? Join our free weekly Help Desk event on Wednesday afternoon.


Do you want unlimited support? We offer a Support Package for €15,- a month with which you also invest in IC Tilburg and the international community of Tilburg.

Our Services

  • This service is for internationals to ask questions and get help!

  • With Neeta Maharaj, our in-house cross-cultural psychologist

    Donation based

Our ideology

Information should be accessible to all, no matter their language or background

Therefore, we organize a free Help Desk to ask your questions and get advice every week on Wednesday

For more time consuming services, such as applications we charge a small fee

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