Applying for a DigiD

Your future essential log in tool

DigiD is an official governmental log in tool used in the Netherlands as an online identification tool. DigiD thus gives access to:

  • governmental departments;

  • healthcare providers;

  • application processes such as allowances;

  • insurances companies;

  • many more.​

Step by step guide to applying to a DigiD

1. "Persoonsgegevens" (personal information)

First, go to the website of DigiD. Unfortunately the application process is only in Dutch, fortunately, we translated this each step of the application process.

The first step is to provide personal information, after filling in the form, click "volgende".

2. Choosing a username and password

The second step is choosing a username and password. Do note:

  • The username is capital sensitive;

  • The password must include an uppercase and lowercase letter, a number and a reading symbol.

Below, fill in your telephone number and email address. After, click "volgende".

3. Telephone number confirmation

In some cases, it is necessary to sign in using a text control. Therefore, it is necessary to confirm your telephone number. 

You will receive a text with six digits. Fill in the digits in the boxes. After, click "volgende".

4. Email address confirmation

DigiD also needs to confirm your email address. You will receive a code over email. Fill in the code in the box. After, click "volgende".

5. Wait three working days

After providing them with all the information, you will have to wait three working days for DigiD to process your information. You will receive a letter with an activation code by post at your home address.

6. Activating the DigiD

Click here to start the activation process of your DigiD. Check the above box stating "Uw DigiD" and fill in your username and password in the boxes. After, click "inloggen".

7. Text controle and activation code

First fill in the text control, then a new screen will appear. In this screen, fill in the activation code noted in the letter in the box. After, click "activeren".

​That's it! Now, you can use DigiD accordingly.

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