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At ICT we are familiar with what living in a foreign country means. It can bring tons of enriching and fun experiences, but it also comes with some difficulties. Difficult times are part of life, and we believe that with the right support, not only do we learn from them but we also build our strengths. That is why we encourage you to book a (free) psychological session with Marina.


This service is meant as the first drop-in point for your mental health. If you’re experiencing negative feelings, stress/anxiety symptoms or the need to talk, Marina will have one session with you for free where she will offer the following: a safe space to talk, general mental health tips and recommendations on how to continue from there (since she is a healthcare psychologist, she can provide this based on her professional experience, clinical knowledge and scientific research). 


Important note: this service is not meant to be psychological therapy for free. It’s purpose is to offer a professional recommendation about your mental health and guide you to the best service. If you’re experiencing severe psychological symptoms or distress, we advise you to directly book a session with your GP in order to receive the proper help. 

Let´s talk about it!