'Taalrondje' is the Dutch word for language round. This initiative is started by Díptic and connects different native speakers so they can teach eachother a new language! In 2019 International Center Tilburg joined the initiative to connect internationals to each other and locals. Starting in 2020, we will co-host this initiative in our social café! Click below to see our upcoming events.

More than talking

Taalrondje is only the starting point. For example, connected to Taalrondje is 'Praten met Volle Mond', in which a dinner is combined with practicing a language. 

Two native hosts will guide the evening and a native cook will prepare a delicious meal. 

Did you become curious?

Contact Ferran Bach / Díptic if you became curious or want to sign up. 

Email: diptic@diptic.nl

Facebook: Díptic

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