Registering with the municipality

Your first thing to do in the Netherlands

Registering with the municipality is the first thing to do to formalize your settling in process in the Netherlands. When you register, you will be assigned a BSN - a personal identification number necassary to apply for formalities such as:

  • DigiD;

  • Dutch bank account;

  • healthcare insurance;

  • allowances;

  • many more.

Step by step guide to registering with the municipality

1. Get official accomodation

The major requirement of registering with any municipality is having official accommodation. As soon as you signed a housing contract, you can register with your future municipality.

2. Book an appointment at the town hall

Booking an appointment with your municipality is usually done online or over telephone. Do note: often when first registering at a municipality it is required to call the municipality to book an appointment.

To book an appointment with the municipality of Tilburg, click here if you were previously registered in the Netherlands or click +3114013 to call the municipality when first registering!

3. Visit the town hall for your appointment

Visit the town hall accordingly to your appointment. Please bring the following documents:

  • a valid proof of identity (passport, identity card or driving licence);

  • your lease or sales contract, or written permission from the main resident;

  • a certificate of deregistration (if you are from Aruba, Curaçao, Sint Maarten, Bonaire, Saba or Sint Eustatius).


Do note: the municipality might ask for other documents as well.

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