Looking back at a great first year!

As of May 17th, we exist one year! To give an idea what we do, we've summed up some facts about our first year. Curious to know the details? Come and visit us and have a chat with the owners - Thom and Zoë - or one of the wonderful volunteers!

Owners Thom & Zoë with volunteers Itoroabasi, Carol, Maria, Zahra, Angel & Sabihi

In the first year, ICT:

• Hosted over 50 events, such as social cinema, job events, language courses, city tours, and more!

• Provided emergency housing for more than 15 students while ICT was only open for two months and assisted others in checking rental contracts and providing advice

• Helped more than 90 students find a part-time job which enables financial independence and freedom, and assisted even more with insurances and subsidies

• Hosted a very succesful Peace Dinner for everyone to join during the holidays

• Started a Dutch survival course

• Assisted several refugees and labor migrants with formalities, documentation and contact with governmental institutions

• Formed many partnerships with local companies, education institutions, cultural institutions, governemtal institutions, student associations and starting entrepreneurs, such as Cinecitta, Tilburg University, E&A/XPO, Career Connection, EURES, I*ESN/ISAT, and much more

• Moved to an even better place, upgraded our 'coffee game', and provide thé cozy international living room of Tilburg

• And over 100 other things which we won't summarize for the sake of readability. Just meet us so we can share stories and listen to yours!

... Looking ahead reveals many more beautiful things to come, so stay tuned!

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