Personal development

One of the main reasons for internationals to come to the Netherlands is personal development. As International Center we want people to be able to become the best version of themselves, socially, personally and professionally. Therefore we collaborate with professionals who can teach you the ins and outs of their expertises. Read more below!

About this project

We noticed that most internationals entering International Center were looking for ways to improve their situation, be it on the social level, personal level or professional level.

Therefore, we started collaborating with professionals to provide workshops and courses to teach you the skills and tools to start enhancing and building your life!

What do we do

Because we believe in fair chances for everyone, we set up our services as affordable as possible. As a result, courses and workshops often cost around €10-15 per hour. 

Moreover, we provide social activities to hone your skills, build a network and/or plan your next steps.

What services we provide

The courses and workshop we provide depend on our current collaborations. 

For 2020, we are planning a range of career workshops provided by Mariëlle Obels - Career Connection. These workshops will teach you about: LinkedIn, personal branding, cultural differences when applying and the Dutch labor market. Interested? Contact us!

Mariëlle also provides career coaching, so don't be afraid to reach out!

Want to become a partner or just contact us?

If you want to partner with us or provide courses / workshops contact us:


Phone:  +31640822408

Or just drop by our office

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