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International Center Tilburg opened its doors in May 2018 as a response to the internationalization of the region. A growing number of international residents is expected in the coming years. As the city of Tilburg becomes increasingly international oriented, International Center Tilburg aims to assist all internationals (refugees, labor migrants, international students, knowledge workers and other cultural minorities) by simultaneously improving upon the organisation's core concepts: information & support, social inclusion, career development and language program.


Feel welcome to meet, work or have a drink. We stand for connection with the city of Tilburg, between internationals but also between internationals and the Dutch citizens of Tilburg. We provide free events, workshops, language courses, consultation, job events and much more, so do not miss out!


Our personal values express themselves in the use of our products: the coffee and tea we offer is Fair Trade and our cleaning products are ecologically sound. Even our toilet paper comes from eco-friendly materials! In addition, it is important to mention that we have a 'no-alcohol' policy so that everyone can feel welcome except for private events.

What we do

Our core concepts for the (inter)national community

Non-profit approach to Information and Support

As we opened our doors to the world, we noticed that internationals are stuck with many questions, from knowledge workers to labor migrants, from international students to search year students and from refugees to migrants. Therefore, we are here to provide the international community with information, assistance and support in a broad sense, be it insurances, psychological counseling, checking rental contracts, or anything else.

Inclusion: social café & events

As International Center we put great value in connecting the international community to the local community. We host many events, in the field of film, music, art, sports, education, career and work. Do you want to meet new people? Do you want to learn new skills? Do you want to teach and/or share your knowledge? You are at the right place! 

Did you know you can come to our social café just to study, chill or meet people? We're open on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 11:00 to 18:00!

Career program

As International Center we are aware that many internationals come to the Netherlands to grow, both personally and professionally. Therefore, in collaboration with our network we provide a broad range of activities targeting jobs and careers. From job events to career consultation, from providing part-time jobs to workshops and training. For example, we have an in-house career coach, provided by Career Connection. 

Language program

Coming to the Netherlands can be a tedious experience, staying there even more so. Speaking the language can help a lot. Therefore we set up our language program, which consists of affordable Dutch language courses, our Language Lounge events and a buddy system for any language.

Collaboration with us and the local community

For locals, globals and glocals

We put great value in collaboration. Therefore we invite everyone to share ideas, host their own events and help others. From young to old, from skilled to unskilled, we believe in creativity through collaboration!


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