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Fri, Dec 08


International Center

Café Night

Visit the café on Friday and Saturday evening to meet both locals and internationals! This edition, Diego organises ' The Collective Beat: Rediscovering Humanity Through Music Making'. The cafe is still open, but the event will be postponed.

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Café Night
Café Night

Time & Location

Dec 08, 2023, 7:00 PM – 10:30 PM

International Center, IJzerstraat 21, 5038 BN Tilburg, Netherlands

About the Event

The Collective Beat: Rediscovering Humanity Through Music Making / Postponed due to sickness

Are you a shower singer? A tapping drummer on your desk? Or maybe just someone who feels a gap in your daily life where music should be? Imagine that for one evening, regardless of your musical background, you would free your voice and be not just an observer but a creator. What if you discover that music is not an exclusive club, but a universal language where your rhythm matters, and not your training?

At the International Center Tilburg we're tearing down the 'professional-only' sign and hanging up a 'welcome all' banner. It's about rediscovering music as a shared human heritage, a spontaneous expression that's wired into our very being. Through rhythmic games, collaborative exercises, and liberating jam sessions, we'll show you how everyone can create music and enjoy the harmony of shared sounds.

"The Collective Beat: Rediscovering Humanity Through Music Making" is a call to anyone who's ever wanted to be part of a musical gathering but hesitated, thinking, "I'm not a musician." Here, there are no barriers. Professional or amateur, fellow musician or shower singer, all are welcome. Bring your instrument, be it your voice, hands for clapping, or something more – and if you don’t have one, don’t worry, we've got you covered with a selection of instruments ready to be played.

Embrace your inner musician, meet like-minded enthusiasts, and rediscover the joy of spontaneous music creation.

Meet Diego Zecchino, the creator of this event

I'm Diego Zecchino, originally from Italy and now based in the Netherlands for three years. My musical journey began as a pianist, a path I followed for fifteen years, including five years of classical piano at the conservatory. I further explored Jazz and Rock music, both alone and with friends who later turned professional. Shifting gears, I moved into communication and marketing, not to leave music behind, but to gather skills for my dream: to spread art and culture, enhancing lives and connecting us to our essence. During my university years, my thesis on creativity and improvisation in music further fueled this ambition, exploring how musical techniques can inspire broader creative thinking and contribute to human evolution and brain development. However, amidst a successful marketing career, I felt a growing void, a disconnect from the musical community that had once been my haven. This, coupled with a career burnout and a hand injury, became a catalyst for reflection and ultimately, a resurgence of my musical identity. "The Collective Beat" is the result: a fusion of my musical background and my belief in music as a universal, accessible joy. It's a workshop that breaks down the barriers between amateurs and professionals, inviting everyone to discover the healing, unifying power of making music together.

About our cafe nights

Join one of our café nights to start the evening with your friends or meet other internationals!

You're welcome at our living room between 19.00 and 22.30. Our café isn't like any other in the Netherlands, because we guarantee you can come alone! We will always have multiple volunteers available eager to meet you and connect you to other internationals. It is the perfect opportunity to build a social network, which we know can be tough in a strange country. Moreover, you're allowed to bring your own food and snacks (not drinks!), so it is the perfect chance to share a dinner with someone and enjoy the weekend! We have some house rules to provide a pleasant experience to everyone (read more below). 

All in all the perfect place to start the night with your friends or meet new people. We're looking forward to meeting you there!

House rules

  1. Everyone who is welcoming is welcome (no discrimination, racism, exclusion, aggression, etc.).
  2. Instructions of staff and volunteers must be followed at all times.
  3. Visitors are never obligated to order anything and can receive tap water for free.
  4. External food is allowed, but you dispose your own trash.
  5. No external drinks allowed.
  6. Don't bring glass or drinks outside.
  7. Park your bicycle in the storage or on the square.
  8. For safety purposes, we use camera surveillance.

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